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Turn your shame in your superpower in this 90 minute Masterclass with Self Mastery coach, Danielle Gertner.


When it comes to shame, we have two choices: let it swallow us whole or transmute it into something greater.


I am no stranger to shame and over the last few years, I have developed the tools and methods to understand where shame truly comes from, how to shift my relationship with it and how to turn it into my superpower.


This Masterclass is designed for those that carry shame and want to learn how to not just put it down but how to change their relationship with it entirely.


As Ann Voskamp said, "shame dies when stories are told in safe spaces" and in this 90 minute Masterclass, you will watch your shame die and be reborn. 

*A recording will be sent out if you cannot attend live!

Shame into Shine Masterclass

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