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imagine a world where everyone


loud and proud
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My Mission

it is my mission

to help you and your team


It is my mission to empower you and your team to live by design and not by default. To inspire you to stop going through the motions and to WAKE UP TO LIFE. It is my mission to remind you of your power and your ability to choose whatever life you want to live - no matter how wild it might seem. It is my mission to remind you that your past does not define you and that you always have the pen and the ability to write this next chapter. It is my mission to show you how to live a life that you are truly, unconditionally in love with.

Working with m

how do I do this?

By teaching you how to


Imagine a world where everyone, everywhere knew what they were truly capable of, how to communicate their needs, desires and boundaries and how to turn off autopilot and turn on a HELL YES life.

Watch me do my thing

That's the kind of world I want all of us to live in.

And it is totally possible but only if we commit to taking    OWNERSHIP!


are you ready to


Click the button below and someone from my team will be in touch!


When working with me, powerful transformations will occur so let's be sure those transformations are a WIN for both of us.

After working with many diverse individuals and communities over the years, I have learned a lot. Here is how I know we are a great fit:

✔️ You are looking for a genuine, creative, dynamic, sassy (and always classy), thought-provoking, heart-opening, one-of-a-kind, unconventional experience for you or your community 

✔️ You are open to trusting my magic and my method

✔️ You are excited about a few *intentional* curse words being dropped every now and then (again, with class)

✔️ Your community is ready and open to life-long changes

✔️ You are willing to work together to identify the needs of your community that will impact them and you for years to come

**If that sounds like what you are looking for, let’s make magic! If it doesn’t, I say this with love: We probably shouldn’t work together.**

My Speaking Process

Let me share a quick story with you...

One time I was asked to speak in front of a large audience in Gainesville, Florida where I went to college. It was a last minute ask and I didn't have much time to prepare so I wrote the entire speech on little notecards - thinking I would be able to manage to hold a microphone in one hand and flip through my notecards with the other. Spoiler alert: I was wrong. The talk felt scripted and rigid and I spent half the time trying to figure out how to hold the microphone under one armpit so I could switch my notecards
(fun fact, you definitely need two hands to switch notecards).


For that reason, I *very rarely* come with Powerpoint slides and
no two of my talks are ever the same.

lesson learned:

Talks are meant to be given


and that is where I do my best, most impactful work.

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Everything I will create for you is custom and genuine.

Over the last 10 years, I have spoken to high school and college students, young professionals and folks years older than my parents - all about taking ownership over their lives. I have spoken in small conference rooms and on big stages of 500+. I have done everything from 15-minute hype talks, hour long keynotes to full-day workshops and retreats. I have learned that every event, organization and community is unique and deserves that same approach when planning
my presentation.


My only goal is to get to know you and your team deeply so I can deliver something that will resonate long after I have left the stage  (or the Zoom room). 

How it Works


There is a methodology to my magic. Here is what we will walk through, together.


First, you'll begin by submitting the speaking request form so my team knows you are ready for life-long transformation.


Next, you, me and my amazing team will meet and chat about your goals, desires, needs so we can ensure the best experience for your community. We will also discuss all the important details like scheduling, pricing and travel before drafting a contract.


Once we are fully aligned, I will get to work and design a custom experience that will be guaranteed to shift the minds, hearts and lives of you and your community. We will be sure to touch base before the event to make sure we are on the same page.


No matter what event you are reaching out for, the goal is always the same: I am not coming to just inspire but to give the tools and resources for empowered action. You and your community will leave with practical steps to take radical responsibility and ownership over their lives.

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One of the first things you will learn about me as we get to know each other better is that I am a practitioner of what I teach. This means that

I am in the arena with you, doing the ownership work every day.

For that reason, I can speak to a wide variety of topics but in general, my passion and work fall into the following categories:

✨ Teaching leaders how to take radical ownership over their lives

✨ Using grief as a compass and turning pain into purpose

✨ Unleveling language and shifting stories to radically transform realities 

✨ How to make ownership a daily practice to enhance overall performance and happiness

✨ Helping individuals recognize their roadblocks and turn them into pathways for fulfillment and success

As for formatting, I love all types of speaking opportunities: keynotes, emceeing, workshops, one-time sessions, ongoing series, custom programs, podcasts, retreats,

whatever your heart desires.


I am open for a short time or a long time but always a good time.


As we get to know each other better, we can find a format that works best for you and your event.

We will come up with the best plan for you and your community, together.


Clients I have been 

to work with


Here are some clips of me "lost in the sauce," as the kids say (AKA, watch me in my element).

Want more examples? I have plenty so just ask!

watch me





Click below to grab my bio, headshots and everything else you need for your event.

Media Kit
Watch Me Do My Thing
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