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we all have power beyond our wildest imagination.

Here is how I found mine.

I've spent a long time thinking about what the heck to write on an "about me" page.

There is just so much I want to share!

So let me bring you back to the beginning.

From the time I could speak, my mom was entering me into every competition and leadership role available.

Fun fact, I was the Parent-Student Teacher Association representative since I was in 1st grade, involved in Student Government 6-12th grade, cheerleading captain, National Honor Society

I grew up in a family where feelings weren't talked about very much (anyone resonate?). You just did what you were told to do and that was that.






From Fitness Coach to Ownership Coach





After being pushed on to the collegiate conveyor belt leading to a career I only thought I wanted, I knew something didn’t sit right. As I continued to work my way up the collegiate ladder, checking off the boxes as I went, I turned to fitness for creative expression.

I learned really quickly that the body can (and should) do so many incredible, diverse things when the boundaries society has put on us are lifted. As I explored various forms of movement from kettlbells to Animal Flow to acro yoga, I realized that, just as I had the power to let my body go free and decide for itself how it wants to be moved, I had the power to do the same for my mind and my life.

Driven to inspire people everywhere to take ownership over their life and wellness journey, I first founded Gertner Grind, a holistic platform that challenges the mainstream approach to wellness and inspires people to see the world as their gym, the month I graduated from the University of Florida.

Over the last four years, I discovered fitness was merely the outer layer of the onion and if I wanted to truly

change  my life,

I had to take OWNERSHIP over it.


Ownership over my excuses, my thoughts, my habits and my mindset.


Through customized workout programs, workshops, retreats and special events, on topics ranging from Owning Your Grind to Habit Transformation and Goal Setting, I worked with individuals like you to build a foundation for lifelong transformation. 

Today, I works with high school and college students, athletes, business professionals and everyone in between.


My approach to holistic health goes beyond personal training. I am a habit changer and I understand first-hand that deep-rooted change comes when you connect with your true "why." Fitness is just one vessel to tap in to that power.


the people + things that make the grind so worth it...

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