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A Masterclass and live coaching experience about how to

transform your relationship with shame 

and find unwavering inner peace. 

Tuesday April 16th
6:00 - 7:30pm CT

Masterclass begins in...





*a recording will be sent out if you cannot make it live*

"Shame dies when stories are told in safe spaces."

Ann Voskamp


Imagine for a moment living a life free of shame.


Free of self judgment.


Free of regret.


Free to be fully you, regardless of where you have come from or what you have done/who you have been in the past.


If you didn’t carry shame maybe you would…


Rest more.

Play more.

Build more.

Fuck more.

Celebrate more.

Love more.

Live more.


Shame is at the root of why soooo many people stay stuck where they are, don’t set boundaries, don’t speak their truth and hold themselves back from living a life that lights them up.


I was stuck there for most of my life.

Most people are very familiar with the word and the feeling of shame but very few people actually understand where it comes from, why it is formed and how to transmute it into something greater (because we absolutely can).

Shame can be one of our greatest teachers and believe it or not, when we experience it, we are given a powerful opportunity to decide who it is that we want to become in the face of it.

​We can either allow the shame to swallow us and keep us small or we can learn to use our shame to further cultivate our superpower.

Because as Carl Jung said, “where your fear is your task is”, and fear is almost always hiding underneath our shame.

In this 90 minute Masterclass, we will break down the idea of shame in a way you have never before.

You will not only understand where it comes from and how it sneaks its way into the backdoor of your life, keeping you from living fully but HOW to shift your relationship with shame so you can SHINE the way you were meant to.

The only way to experience the freedom and inner peace you truly desire is to learn how to accept all parts of you, including your deepest shame.


If you are someone who has been feeling…

Deep shame

Self judgment

Fear of failure


Fear of success

Like you are not doing enough

This Masterclass is for you.

If you want to turn your shame into SHINE, this your opportunity to do so.

*a recording will be sent out if you cannot make it live*

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*a recording will be sent out if you cannot make it live*

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