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next cohort begins MARCH 2024!

freedom is your

owning your shit
is how you get there.


Like you, who found yourself on this page by no coincidence at all, I struggled a lot of my life to really feel truly, authentically

connected to me.

I had always done what I thought I "should" do to find happiness, success, fulfillment and confidence.

I went to college and got a degree, secured a full-time job, had an incredible boyfriend and had the body of "my dreams."

And yet, I was miserable.




Confused and overwhelmed.


Angry at the world for not giving me what I thought I deserved.


And I spun down and down that shame spiral until I made one choice - the most important choice I would ever make.


I chose to OWN MY SHIT.

And from that moment on, everything changed.


As I took radical responsibility over my life and stopped playing the victim,

I finally found the connection and confidence I was looking for.


And I am now on a mission to help

you do the same.




Because owning your shit and living with radical confidence is your



are you ready to see what
owning your shit
will do for your life?
if you have felt one or more of the above,
it's your time to
cut the shit and start owning it.

tell me,
does this sound like you?

You feel disconnected from yourself which leaves you feeling unsettled and insecure

You are a people pleaser because you fear being alone, abandoned or misunderstood

You struggle to identify and communicate your needs and desires and set boundaries

You keep getting in your own way and self sabotaging your growth

You want to be able to trust yourself fully and stop overthinking

Now imagine this...

Imagine a world where your fears inspired you instead of holding you back.


Imagine a world where you communicated and honored your needs + boundaries instead of trying to please everyone.


Imagine a world where you felt free and didn’t allow your past to define your future.

Imagine a world where you put yourself before anyone or anything else.


Imagine a world where you truly, radically, confidently owned your shit.

Teaching you how to make that world your reality is what I was put on this Earth to help you do. 

(sounds corny but it’s true...AF. I have never been more sure of anything in my life).


To free you from the heaaaavy ass chains of self-sabotage, self-doubt and fear.


To remind you of your unparalleled power and to teach you how to always access it.


To be your guide and mirror when you feel stuck or aren’t sure where to start or what to do next.


Some people call it a mission. Some people call it a purpose.


I call it your birthright.


It is your birthright to walk in your fullest power and the only way to get there is to start by owning your shit.

and did i mention we're going to costa rica!?

Daily movement (meditation, breath work,  ecstatic dance, primal play)

Daily empowerment workshops

Nature hikes, adventures and sleeping under the Diamante Waterfall

A full week of soul-nourishing, private

chef-prepared meals

Connection with your deepest self and other wild women & more...

Click here to check out where are staying!

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 11.36.16 PM.png

here is what my clients have to say about our time together...

so you think this could be the program for you?

come take a peek...


The Own Your Shit Self Mastery program is my signature one-on-one and group coaching hybrid program founded on my wholistic, sassy and heart-centered approach to self mastery, habit + mindset transformation, radical confidence and embodiment.

Using neuro-linguistic programming, primal movement and breath practices, play, high-touch support and unparalleled community, this is a journey unlike any other.

A journey back home to yourself.


A rekindling of your power.

It is a blueprint.


A map.


A guide. 

To teach you how to use your fears as knowledge and inspiration instead of roadblocks.

To teach you how to use your past as stepping stones into your boundless future.

To teach you how to hear, honor and love your ego, inner child, shadow and critic instead of fighting them with every thought.

It is a program that teaches you how to truly understand, celebrate and own all parts of yourself.

But the only ticket to get there is by owning your shit.

what is included?

Screen Shot 2021-07-17 at 12.40.47 AM.png
noun_levitating brain_506916_edited.png
Untitled design (6).png

Live weekly group coaching calls and monthly one-on-one personalized transformation sessions with Danielle.

Access to a full library of pre-recorded videos, tools, exercises, journal prompts and meditations to deepen your connection to yourself and widen your self exploration practice.

Monthly workshops with guest experts in various industries to help you own your shit in ALL areas of your life.

Exclusive, on demand support from Danielle for ongoing integration and resource sharing outside of coaching calls.

The Own Your Shit kit including the program binder and other goodies to support you along your journey.


Own Your Shit Immersion Retreat in Dominical, Costa Rica (everything but your flight is included!) from August 4-12, 2023. 

the own your shit method

Owning your shit will require you to dive deep. You know how they say only 1/7 of the iceberg floats above water?


The Own Your Shit Self Mastery program focuses on the other 6/7th's. That includes your mindset, subconscious beliefs, programming and conditioning, trauma, physiology, habitual behaviors and nervous system response.

OYS Program (4).png

The Own Your Shit Self Mastery program was created to equip you with the real-time tools, the support + accountability and the confidence to radically transform your life.


 You will learn soul-shifting practices and techniques based on the foundations of behavior change, holistic psychology, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) the wisdom of trauma and primal play.

Timeless tools you will continue to come back to time and time again.

take a closer look at
your toolbox 

Behavior change
Compassionate self observation
Breath work
Mindset transformation
Self love + Self pleasure
The psychology of habit transformation
Visualizations + guided meditations
Attachment Theory
Parts work 
Inner child reconnection + reparenting techniques
Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
Somatic embodiment techniques
Holistic psychology
Understanding the Wisdom of Trauma
Wealth building
Levels of consciousness

And so much more...
noun_open box_2161412.png
Lets recap all that,
shall we?

Transformational coaching tools delivered in 50+ on-demand recorded videos, meditations, breath work sessions, primal play and other activities


12+ hours of live training from badass expert coaches in various industries helping you own your shit in ALL areas of your life


18+ hours of live group coaching calls with Danielle and our Head of Community


6 one-on-one, personalized transformation and healing sessions


Private community Slack channel for you to learn, grow and integrate on-demand


The Own Your Shit Kit: The program binder (50+ pages of journal prompts + activities), two game-changing books, personalized journal and other goodies

The Own Your Shit Immersion retreat in Dominical Costa Rica August 2023

$2997 value

$3997 value

$5997 value

$1497 value

$997 value

$597 value

$3333 value

A total value of more than $18,000
almost half the price 


how do I know if this program is right for me?

Sign up for a Curiosity call! That's why that is part of the application process - so we can get curious and see if we are a good fit for each other.

If you made it all the way to this part of the page, chances are you resonated with something I shared. Trust that guidance and sign up for a call!

When are the group coaching calls? what if i can't make a few?

All group coaching calls and workshops will start on the week of April 3.

All group calls and workshops are recorded and will be shared in our private Slack channel.

how much support will i get?

This is a high-touch 5-month transformation program. In addition to our weekly coaching calls and monthly one-on-one calls, you have access to our community consistently through our on-demand private Slack community.

The video recordings, workbook activities, journal prompts, meditations and other resources will be posted on our Kajabi site and are up to you to watch.

are there payment plans available?

Yes there are payment plans available for every budget type.

We will discuss the financial investment required for the program during our Curiosity call only if we both agree the program feels like a good fit. The OYS program is a five-figure investment. If that is not something you can or are willing to invest in at this time, please do not apply.

i have a question that isn't listed here. Danielle, can you help?

Absolutely. Please email!
you've read the juicy details. 

now, are you ready to
own your shit?
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