Driven to inspire people everywhere to take ownership over their excuses and unleash their fullest potential, in 2016, Danielle Gertner founded Gertner Grind, a platform that challenges the mainstream approach to wellness and inspires people to see the world as their gym.

She was tired of trying to fit the idea of wellness that society had created so she decided to go on a journey to make wellness fit her world, no matter what that world looked like at the time. This sparked her passion for guiding others along the way to build a powerful foundation for their own lifelong transformation.


Over the last four years, Danielle's passion to impact has only continued to evolve and today, she travels the world as an functional fitness coach, serving hundreds of people through her online transformation programs, customized workshops and retreats.

Danielle believes that in order to live the life you have always imagined for yourself, you need to do only one thing - own your shit. And so she is on a mission to own her shit so unapologetically that anyone who comes across her message are inspired to as well.

Danielle has worked with high school and college students, athletes, business professionals and those that fall somewhere in between.


Danielle has also had the pleasure of sharing her message alongside brands such as Under Armour, PopSugar, Voyage MIA, GoSesh, RedCon1 and many more.

The best way to summarize her coaching philosophy?

Work to own your truths loud and proud. Once you do that, the world is yours.

Street credit

Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine 

Certified Animal Flow Mobility Specialist, Animal Flow

Certified Kettlebell Specialist, Onnit Academy 

Social Media Reach 8000+ (Instagram + Facebook)

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, University of Florida (2016)





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