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with Danielle Gertner

unshakeable confidence

is your birthright.

And it is my mission to teach you how to inhale the good shit and let go of the bullshit (aka your out-dated stories, fears and limiting beliefs) so you can

tap back in to your power.


In this free 3 day challenge (all accessed right from the comfort of your inbox), I will teach you the step-by-step process to living with radical fxcking confidence. 

step 1

Compassionate Self Observation

You want to live with unshakeable confidence? Then you have to start by observing, understanding, honoring + celebrating all parts of yourself. In this phase, you will learn how to become the watcher instead of the do-er.

step 2

Confident Ownership

"Awareness is key." I imagine you have heard that before. Here's the catch, though... that key doesn't do you any good if it is sitting safely in your back pocket. Here is where you will learn how to take the key out and make true life-altering change.

step 3

Radical Embodiment

"It is not a knowledge game but a practice game." Welcome to the practice arena. The hardest part about living with radical confidence is showing up differently than you have in the past - on a consistent basis. In this phase, you will learn how to show up as your highest, most badass self - even when the old patterns try to creep back in (because they will!)

what you will get...

meditation icon.png
3 guided meditations
the radical confidence playbook
3 value-packed lessons
exclusive access to our facebook community

Are you ready to live with radical confidence?

Follow these steps below!


for free

Click the link below to register for the FREE 3 day challenge -

all accessed from the comfort of your inbox.

You will start receiving the challenge emails immediately!


Be sure to check your email each day for the trainings + meditations.

Check your


Schedule the


The #1 reason people don't succeed is because they don't PLAN!


You will need about an hour a day to complete the challenge so be sure to schedule the time.

We believe in going far, together and radical confidence is best built with a community that supports you. Click below to join our exclusive Facebook community.

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