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A Masterclass and live coaching experience about how to accept all parts of you and meet yourself with unconditional love.

Wednesday, November 29th
6:00 - 7:30pm CT

Masterclass begins in...





For a very long period in my life (honestly up until the last year)

I hardly felt like my favorite version of me.


I felt so disconnected to myself for so long and had hit a point of self judgment, shame, distrust, and negative self talk that I had never experienced before.


I realized (after repeating the same unhealthy patterns over and over again) that I was living for everyone else but myself and I had very little idea who I actually was.


All I wanted was to understand, accept and 

love myself fully again.


It was then that I realized I had a choice:

Either ignore, numb and try to forget how disconnected I felt from myself or lean in and get curious so I could become who I knew I was meant to be.


Because here is the hard and necessary truth, my friends:

If you want to become your favorite version of yourself and feel unshakeable confidence, you must learn to accept and love every inch of your being, unconditionally.


In other words, you need to OWN YOUR SHIT and your power.


But HOW exactly do you do that?


In this 90 minute Masterclass and live coaching experience, I will break down the HOW when it comes to radical self acceptance and love.


We will face our fears, our shame and our insecurities head on and we will come out of the other side more in love, in control and alive than ever before.


You will not only learn the philosophies, methods and practical tools to obtain unconditional self love but you will also have the opportunity to get coached LIVE right on the spot (if you are ready for that kind of transformation, of course).

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