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This month
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This one-day retreat is for women who are ready to increase their belief and certainty in themselves to LIVE A LIFE THEY LOVE.


Let's unblock what's making us feel stuck.

During the retreat, you'll be uplifted and re-energized to attract the life you've been wanting and fearlessly saying yes to all that feels good to you.​

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They say the first step to any change is awareness. And the second step is OWNERSHIP. Owning who you are, what you stand for and how you want to show up in the world.


In this immersive, discussion-based workshop, we will break down the habits, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you so you can step in to your true power and become the person you and I both know you are meant to be.

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Have yourself a blast at this barefoot bootcamp and pool party in beautiful Miami.

There will be sweat, music, snacks + refreshments, giveaways and great people!

What can you expect?
+ A 30 minute barefoot bootcamp
+ A 30 minute yoga session
+ A 20% discount code for every attendee thanks to Under Armour
+ Giveaways from CLEAN Cause
+ Delicious food provided by Bolay

the summit of love

own your sh*t workshop

free barefoot bootcamp + pool party

Saturday, November 9, 9am

Kittery, Maine

Monday, November 11, 7pm

Boston, MA

Saturday, December 14, 10am

Miami, FL

weekly clASSES

Weekly Classes

Join an incredible community every Monday at 6pm for a kick-ass total body workout that challenges the body, mind and heart!

Using the stairs, bleachers, kettle bells, resistance bands, battle ropes, slam balls and more, Gator Grind is the ultimate total body stadium class. 

If you are have been looking to up level your workout routine with the support of an awesome go

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 7.22.41 AM.png

This playful practice creates a fun and challenging workout - emphasizing fluid, ground-based movements inspired by the elements of various body-weight training disciplines like animal locomotion, yoga, break dancing and caperiora.

Each week a new and all-levels flow is crafted, broken-down, pieced together, and then performed as a group, all while helping you enhance body control, mobility and flexibility.

gator grind bootcamp

primal movement


Mondays, 6pm

UF Football Stadium

Tuesdays, 8:45pm

Flow Space

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