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A Masterclass and live coaching experience about how to

express your big emotions 


communicate with compassion. 

Wednesday June 12th
6:00 - 8:00pm CT

Masterclass begins in...





*a recording will be sent out if you cannot make it live*

There are quite a few things I wish they had taught us in school growing up…


How to communicate our BIG and messy emotions is one of them.


I am what society would call a “hot head” meaning I tend to blow up when I feel scared or don’t feel seen or heard… #notcool.


It comes from what I witnessed growing up…


Yell to feel heard.


Manipulate to get what you want.


Point out the other person’s insecurities to feel powerful.


Naturally, I mirrored what I witnessed even though deep in my heart I knew this wasn’t how I wanted to show up in the world and talk to the people I cared about.


Also #notcool.


Over the last year, I made a commitment to learn how to speak again.


That might sound funny coming from someone who has a microphone or megaphone in her hand 94% of the time.


For a long time, I felt stuck, lost and overwhelmed with how to navigate my big emotions and feel seen and heard during tough conversations or moments where I didn’t feel like my needs were being met.


I sat with this big daunting question…


How do I embody a different version of myself if I have never seen an example of it?


Over the last year+ I have been deeply studying Nonviolent Communication (NVC), the art of Deep Listening and Compassionate Communication and I am so excited to bring this life-changing knowledge to you.


We all deserve this knowledge and practice because when we communicate differently, we have the opportunity to shift our entire world.


In this Masterclass we will explore not just what NVC and deep listening is (there are tons of books and trainings on this already) but we will explore HOW to do this in the HEAT of the moment when your guards are up, your palms are sweaty and all you want to do is fight or run the fuck away.


We will PRACTICE scripts, role play and embody the version of ourselves we truly want to be when those hot moments come up in life.


Because here is something we all must understand: 


When it comes down to conflict, it’s not about what you logically know, it’s about what you have learned will keep you the most safe.


And for most of us, what has kept us safe has also kept us disconnected, armed and disappointed.


Join me on Wednesday June 12th from 6-8pm CT (yes it’s 2 hours because great communication takes time).


Invite your friends, your boyfriends, your mom and dad and the frenemies you have been wanting to make peace with for a while because we are about to change the fucking game.


We will go over:

  • The basic concepts of NVC and deep listening

  • How to de-armour yourself and regulate your NS during conflict

  • How to set powerful boundaries so you can show up from a place of love

  • How to stick to those boundaries with confidence

  • How to show up in love even when you are feeling anger, frustration, sadness or jealousy

  • The scripts to help you protect your energy and ensure you communicate what you really want to with clarity


This Masterclass is for you if you…


  • Are a HOT HEAD like me and tend to become your emotions as soon as you feel them (and oftentimes before you are aware of them)

  • Don’t want to lose your shit as often

  • Want to get your way but not from a place of manipulation 

  • Want to have better control over your emotions

  • Want to express yourself more clearly and confidently 


This is going to be a JUICY one.


To becoming the example we never had growing up…

*a recording will be sent out if you cannot make it live*

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