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free coaching.

every freakin month.

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What these community workshops are all about:

Sprinkling the magic back into life.

Trust us, we get it. Life isn't always fairy dust and sparkles but what if it could it be?

What if we could learn the tools and build the community to navigate life's twists and turns from the lens of curiosity, wonder and unconditional love?

Join body-image guide, Sarah Joy Gaines and me, Ownership coach, Danielle Gertner, every month as we workshop our way through the challenges most humans face with a fun, light-hearted twist.

We discuss the things (boundaries, people-please, self sabatoge, body image and SO much more) that are oftentimes the hardest to discuss and we teach you the tips, tricks and tools for navigating your humanness with a whole lotta magic.

What to expect on each call:

60-75 minutes of education, discussion and play!


We open calls with a brief meditation (what we like to call "grounding into presence") and move into a breakdown of our topic of the month.


From there, we typically breakout into intimate and authentic smaller groups and end with an activity and ecstatic dance.


Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend these calls.

Ready to experience the magic?

Click the link below to sign up for our monthly workshops!

You will get an email the week before our scheduled workshop date with the topic and Zoom link!

We are lovers, not a spammer, pinky promise.

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