created with passion

by danielle gertner and her grindterns



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Investing in my fitness is how I first truly learned the power of

consistency, creativity and ownership.

Like you, I had tried everything to build healthier habits. I hired the coaches, read the books, wrote out my goals but

still felt defeated and stuck.

So I took matters in to my own hands and set out on a mission to build the most holistic, most creative and most results-driven online programs and community to help people like you get unstuck and change their fitness, their habits and their mindset for LIFE.

Over the last 4 years I have crafted a foundation to teach you how to fall in love with your body and unleash your truest potential.

These are so much more than just  workout programs.


Together, we will build a powerful foundation for your lifelong transformation.

The real question is...


Are you ready to see what taking ownership over your life can do?

A little about my

training philosophy...

Whoever you decide to work with should fit you, your needs, values and life.


They say the key to change is awareness. And I completely agree. But ownership is the door. 


You have an unparalleled power that only YOU can choose to tap in to and my job is to guide you to that door so you can 

do exactly that.


Too often we limit ourselves to the societal norms of what health and wellness "should" look and feel like.

Your world is beautifully unique, just as you are. Your wellness habits and routine should reflect that. That is how healthy living becomes a habit.


Long-lasting change starts with one thing:

 understanding and connecting to the why.


I am not only a mission to help you get the body you want but the mindset you deserve and that starts with truly understanding what drives your soul.


I was tired of the same old workouts and I bet you are too.

Habits stick around when they engage you and make you feel powerful af.

If you want to learn how to have some fun with your body through fitness, I have some tricks up my sleeve for you!

these programs are for you if...

You are ready to stop holding yourself back from becoming the healthiest version of you

You want results that will last FOREVER, not just 90 days

You want to workout anywhere, anytime with ZERO equipment 

You are tired of trying every workout program, getting short-term results and falling right back off the wagon once the program is finished

You are willing and able to make the energetic and financial commitment 

don't just take it from me, here is what my clients have to say about our time together...

Working with Danielle was honestly transformative. Her wisdom, passion and dedication are evident and ever-present throughout the entire program. She gives her all to every person she coaches. I came to her needing an overhaul in my habits and mindset while wanting a physical change as well and this program ended up going above and beyond what I thought was possible. Danielle really is a true role model in all senses and I could not recommend her and this program more.

-Izzy Hecht, 90 Day Transformation Program Participant 

So you think i am the coach for you?

the season of growth

a 90 day fitness and habit transformation program

I see you.

I see you trying to make strides, working hard to become the person you know you are meant to be.

I see you trying to juggle your busy schedule while trying to show up for yourself.

I see you and feel you when you say you are so over trying to change your habits because nothing seems to stick around.

The season of stuck/frustrated/overwhelmed is OVER.

The Season of Growth is here.

During this 90-day program, you will discover the power of using your own bodyweight to become strong, toned and confident af.

Workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime.


Resources + tools to help you rebuild a foundation that won't crack under pressure.


A coach who gives sooo many shits about you and your success.


A community of powerful women who are grinding alongside you.

We start March 23rd and there are only 10 spots available.

this is YOUR season to shine.

what's included in the program...

In addition to the 4 workouts a week accessed on our app and my daily support, the following bonuses are a critical part to your program to further guide and support you throughout our journey together. 

Bi-weekly one-on-one and group coaching calls

Unparalleled accountability via weekly check in emails and a buddy system

Nutrition guidance from a Registered Dietician

Program guide with weekly growth activity, reflection sheets and habit transformation resources

financial investment


*Payment plans available upon request

so, are you ready to

own your grind?